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Anillo Mundial de Centros de Conocimiento

Hemos logrado la primera integración de Centros de Conocimiento dispersos en el mundo.

Los hay de todo tipo, visitelos.

In this Christmas you can help the Children by helping the UNICEF...

  "The Collum" of CIR

La Empresa "Reigenierada"The Process in the "Reengeneered" Organization
In an organization that has been reengieneered the organigram must reflect the following:

Product + Orientation toward the client = Process

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Information Tecnology NEWS
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Electronic Commerce NEWS
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The Road to the E-Gob in the United States. In Spanish
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What's so New About the New Economy ?
Does Internet changes thigns, Economists are divided about it. Some see a great leap in productivity, others are not sure... continue

A Symbol tha has navigated in al the sean with the Italian Merchants.
According to a proffesor of the University Rome, The "@" Arroba, that ubiquiuos symbol of the Internet and the era of modernization, used for all e-mail addresess of Internet, is almost 500 years old. It was invented by the Merchants of the newly born Venecian Republic as a measure of volume. By Phillip William, IDG News Service / Rome Bureau. Continues

Our on-line bilingual version is still located as always at Kc_Cc:

The Knowledge Center

We thank for having us with them since our beginning in 1997.

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Información sobre nuestros Seminarios de Comercio Electrónico y Gobierno Electrónico Seminary Services

The presentation of the seminaries are in spanish but they can be though in English

Home Banking

Investigation in Internet

On-Line Juridical Transactional Security
Electronic Contracting
ISP Providers

Free HTML Gratis Courses, in Spanishl

Definiciones de los principales Mecanismos de Pago Internacional. Pinche donde dice "Mecanismos de Pago"Seminary on: International Mechanisms of Payments and International Purchase and Sale Contracts.

We hava available FREE information about International Mechanisms of Payments. Know them and disminish your risks in your International Trading transactions.


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